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Go from zero to hero with our short courses on Artificial Intelligence. Learn the skills you need to transform your career. 

AI is for everyone

We deliver market-led executive education courses that equip working professionals with the expertise required for the workplace of the future through an immersive online experience. 

We partner with leading universities and institutions to make sure you are expert guided.  Our people, technology, and resources are your engine – together we power your success. 

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Getting a technical education is the best investment you can make.

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Computers


Techy helps you upskill to excel in the digital economy

Short Course

Use cases and applications of AI. Understand AI concepts like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

Coding Bootcamp

Complete your training for the most in-demand jobs in Data Science and Big Data in less than 8 months.

Short Course

How to make AI work in business and insociety. Hands-on experience with programming languages and technology. .

Executive Program

Get the knowledge to manage the design, development and deployment of AI solutions in your context in 6 weeks.

Short Course

Learn the fundamentals of AI and apply them. Design intelligent agents to solve real world problems.

Coding Bootcamp

This course is deal for technical product leaders, technology professionals, technology consultanta and entrepreneurs

Why Techy?

World class AI institutions

We partner with the world's leading AI universities and institutions to select, design and deliver short courses

Outcomes based design

Our career-focused AI curriculum harnesses a range of multimedia formats to optimise learning outcomes.

AI first approach

Our approach is data driven. We analyze future skills requirements and ensure our AI courses are relevant

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